Make encryption automatic, easy, effective to anyone, anywhere and on any device, Email is the most vulnerable aspect of your business. It’s easy for employees to send sensitive information to the wrong parties over the open internet. But if you secure it? You protect all outgoing sensitive information and empower everyone to communicate freely. Email Encryption interfaces with your existing email environment (we can also host your mailbox) to secure it far beyond its native capabilities.


  • Policy-based email protection and data loss prevention
  • Content scanning with robust compliance filters
  • Multiple secure delivery options
  • Automatic, bi-directional email encryption
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Why Now?

Organizations today rely on data and reputation the loss of either can be catastrophic. And to regulators and auditors, an honest mistake is no different from willful negligence. Those companies that communicate securely build trust and tend to outcompete those that do not. And that starts with encryption.

Your business must take a stance on email security. That starts with a solution that utilizes pre-defined content filters, policy controls, and data loss prevention- and does it all without violating compliance standards and regulations.

Why Encryption?

Email Encryption removes the hassle of encrypting email and gives companies the peace of min of knowing that sensitive data sent via email is secure. Using advanced content filters, emails and attachments are scanned automatically and any message containing sensitive information is encrypted for delivery.

Plus, Email Encryption works seamlessly with our other security, compliance, and productivity services. Together, they form a full integrated platform that allow you to create a secure, modern workplace.