1. At the time my system crashed,  I called the IT person who had installed all my equipment and they didn't return my call till 2 days later. I called several other IT companies and no one could help us.  I called one of the other Dentist in town and they recommended I call George from Genesis. I will be forever grateful that George dropped what he was doing to come to our office and try to get us up and running again.  He stayed here for hours to figure out what happened and to try and fix our problems.
  1. I would highly recommend Genesis to monitor and back up your system.  Because had we had a backup and monitoring system we would have eliminated our system crashing and loss of business.
  1. George was successful in recovering our hard drive. He went above and beyond to help us.  We would have had to restart our entire database of 20 years of patient information.  Most importantly all the money we would have lost.
Jaime M Dr. Jaime Morales

I just wanted to say “thanks” to Mark and his team at Genesis. We asked them to spec and configure an Azure server, then move our QuickBooks system, including all data and users to it. They set the server up flawlessly and quickly and they went above and beyond in making sure all our users were fully operational on the new QB setup. They even worked after hours to ensure accessibility issues were addressed for our employees. They did such a great job, I contracted them a second time to handle backup of all our servers, cloud systems, and Outlook for all our users. They had the entire process running in under a day! Genesis is a fantastic business partner and we’ll be working with them for all our IT needs in the future.

Jim C. Owner, ZenTek Consultants

Thank you for your quick response to my Mac network problem. You really saved the day.

Kristin MC Publishing

What we like most about your services is your quick response to our problems and issues. We would absolutely recommend your service to others.

Paula B. The Bilow Group

You guys are doing a great Job. Keep up the good work

Angela & Dick Kraissl Co

As we are coming close to the 10 year anniversary of working with Genesis Network Group LLC I and the entire May National staff want to extend our sincere thanks for all the wonderful work you and your staff have done for us. When we contracted you we were thoroughly frustrated by the IT consultant we had at the time. We had never heard of you before but you seemed sincere and since you were the middle bid we decided to give you a chance. This is a decision we are so glad we made. Especially as we hear from others that we do business with how much down time they incur with their systems and what frustrations they endure to get things done. May National was only a 18 million dollar company 10 years ago. We are now at 50 million and we could not have made it that big that fast without a good infrastructure that relies so heavily on it’s IT system. You have always kept us at the cutting edge for a reasonable cost. Your response in emergency situations is phenomenal. You even kept my head on straight when I couldn’t decide what was best to please everyone here and satisfy all our needs when money was tight. I truly believe we would not be where we are today without your help and support.

Terry G. May National

I am pleased to have this opportunity to describe the experience of working with Genesis Network Group LLC for the past 7 years. The best quality that Genesis Network Group LLC has to offer is not the outstanding performance of their Techs, not the professional and highly knowledgeable expertise of their engineers, or the integrity of their sales department, it is the wonderful personal attention given to all aspects of a project that makes Genesis Network Group LLC stand ahead of the competition. We have worked on many projects over the years and in each and every instance the attention and personal service never failed me. No matter at what time of the day I called I was given outstanding service and personal attention.

Ruth B. National Check Control

We have contracted with Genesis Network Group for over 10 years. The service and support that Genesis gives us is excellent. They are here when we need them and they are very responsive to our needs.

Donna C. Pedimedica Pa

The real hallmark of any company are the people who represent it, work hard to make it better, take pride in what they do and always put the clients first above all else and that is my definition of Genesis Network Group, LLC. I rely on them and they always exceed my expectations for SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE- try them and be surprised.

Justin A. D. Century Pharmacy

Our company has multiple offices which operate 6 days a week and require constant IT functionality. Genesis Network Group, LLC provides a consistent level of professional support that is highly skilled, very responsive and thorough. If an emergency occurs, their team responds quickly both during and after working hours. If we need to implement a new IT solution, they work with our management team to analyze, prepare and execute correctly without incurring unnecessary costs or deployment delays. Over the last 2 years they have become a real partner in our success.

Michal F. Pain-Orthopedic Rehabilitation Group

We would say, you guys are worth the price. We know we could find a much cheaper computers in stores but with the service and quality its all worth it. Hassle free and very convenient they do all the necessary work for you. At first, the new process is a bit complicated but the whole team is so patient to explain and guide you. Service wise, we would recommend Genesis Network Group, LLC from the initial contact, they are hands on. They were there from negotiation, to installation, to service and everything. Always has somebody in the office to answer you. They would extend an extra mile just for you to get what you need.

Frency C. Accurate Mortgage

My experience with Genesis Network Group, LLC has been great. It all started when our old system started to crash and they came to our rescue even though we were not clients at the time. There was no hesitation or complaints. Of Course knowing they would be there for us when they didn’t even have to made me very comfortable with going forward in having a new system installed. As far as price is concerned, my experience has shown me that I would rather pay more for excellent service. I have in the past dealt with many cheaper IT Consultants that are happy to install new systems and then are very difficult to find when some glitch needs to be worked out. Genesis Network Group, LLC took the time to make sure they configured our new system to meet our specific needs, which is priceless to me. In addition, they took the time to shop around for the most cost effective solution for us and arranged are very aggressive lease payment for us.

Mary O. Suburban Title & Abstract, Inc.